From LeetCode 454. 4Sum II


Given four integer arrays nums1, nums2, nums3, and nums4 all of length n, return the number of tuples (i, j, k, l) such that:

  • 0 <= i, j, k, l < n
  • nums1[i] + nums2[j] + nums3[k] + nums4[l] == 0


 # use a dict to store the elements in nums1 and nums2 and their sum
        hashmap = dict()
        for n1 in nums1:
            for n2 in nums2:
                if n1 + n2 in hashmap:
                    hashmap[n1+n2] += 1
                    hashmap[n1+n2] = 1
        # if the -(a+b) exists in nums3 and nums4, we shall add the count
        count = 0
        for n3 in nums3:
            for n4 in nums4:
                key = - n3 - n4
                if key in hashmap:
                    count += hashmap[key]
        return count